Davey Wavey & Brent Everett

I have a few YouTube videos for you over the next few days that were mentioned to me by some fans recently. I didn’t know they were out there. They’re not new, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway. First, there are these two Davey Wavey videos with me that are self-explanatory, lol.

This is Davey talking about seeing his first gay porn video (that I happened to be in…).

This one is about a something called “The What’s up my Butt Challenge”. Take a look…  (BTW, the offer mentioned near the end of the video expired long ago, sorry.)

How to maintain a relationship as a porn actor? A Unicable Interview

A few months ago, when I was filming with Lucas Entertainment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Unicable, a Mexican TV cable company, did a number of interviews with porn performers. This one is with me and Allen King (@Reyallenking). We had become close during the filming. Unfortunately, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, he had to fly back to Spain (his homeland) and I ended up being stranded in Colombia (until a few days ago). So, at the moment, we are mentally close, but physically very separated. The video is mostly in Spanish, but I’m sure you’ll understand it…

How to put on a condom…

This little video is from many years ago when I was still living in San Diego. We just stumbled across it and I thought I’d share it with you since I just managed to get a repatriation flight out of Colombia today. I’m in Mexico City for a few days and then I’m flying back to Toronto, Canada, where I’ll have to quarantine myself for 14 days to make sure that I’m not bringing the Covid-19 virus back with me. Boy, do I feel happy today!