Here are two more of the videos we found on YouTube a while ago. Both of these celebrate the Pride Festivals in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of a few years ago that had big events that I and others participated in. Yes, things can be lively on the Canadian prairies, lol.

Davey Wavey & Brent Everett

I have a few YouTube videos for you over the next few days that were mentioned to me by some fans recently. I didn’t know they were out there. They’re not new, but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyway. First, there are these two Davey Wavey videos with me that are self-explanatory, lol.

This is Davey talking about seeing his first gay porn video (that I happened to be in…).

This one is about a something called “The What’s up my Butt Challenge”. Take a look…  (BTW, the offer mentioned near the end of the video expired long ago, sorry.)